Collect your payments Contactless Uvik is a start-up which is transforming digital payments in India through a contactless mobile payment interface. Uvik’s technology enables any business- small or large to accept payments using NFC technology which is already present in contactless credit/debit cards.

They also have technology to support closed loop prepaid wallets over NFC which has the potential to bring massive amounts of unbanked customers into a formal digital payment ecosystem.

Rahul is the founder of Uvik Technologies. He has worked extensively in developing the technology and product to enable merchants, small businesses and financial institutions to automate and update their payments platforms to become contactless. Rahul has more than 15 years of experience in software design and development and is an engineer by training.

Rahul Hirve Founder
Rahul Hirve Founder


Uvik wants to empower small business owners, merchants and financial institutions to offer their customers a fast and familiar way to pay using bankcards, smart phones, payment apps and other wearable NFC devices, such as smart watches, rings and bands.

What s2v did?

S2V is working closely with Rahul and the rest of the Uvik team to connect them to the right channel partners to facilitate increased usage of their disruptive technology across platforms. S2V has also connected Rahul to banks and financial institutions across geographies, where Uvik's UPos solution has increasing applicability, particularly in a post-COVID world.
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