Building a unified and patient centric ecosystem to fight cancer 4baseCare is an onco-tech company building a unified and patient-centric ecosystem to study the evidence generated from real-world settings to get a better understanding of cancer treatments, accelerating cancer research, and improving clinical outcomes. The company is committed to improving cancer patient care and treatment outcomes based on values of hope, collaboration, innovation, and research. The company works with the four bases (A-T-G-C) of cancer care ecosystem which supports cancer patients, viz Allied Care (Psychologists, nutritionists, NGO’s, etc.), Technology (Genome Sequencing, Gene Editing, etc.), Global Research (Cancer Researchers, Cancer Drug Discovery companies, etc.) and Clinical Care (Oncologists, Hospitals, etc.) They envision to achieve this through collaborative and applied research with use of advanced technology like AI, Machine Learning and Genomics.

4Basecare was the first company from Asia to be accepted into the prestigious Illumina accelerator program.

Hitesh is a co-founder and CEO of 4baseCare. He oversees operations across complete business cycle – Clinical oncology, Research and Development, Collaborations, Genomics, Technology, Business development, Sales operations and other Corporate functions. Hitesh is a scientist by background and has founded and worked at large life sciences companies, including Piramal Life Sciences and Genotypic Technologies prior to founding 4basecare.

Hitesh Goswami Co-founder and CEO

Kshitij is a co-founder and COO at 4baseCare. He oversees the end-to-end operations of the company including building the network and collaborations with hospitals/clinicians, patient enrolment, logistics, and building a functional and independent “CARE” team with Care managers, Care Companions, NGO’s and counselors to provide Allied CARE and support to the patients.

Alumni of XLRI, Kshitij has had his share of earlier entrepreneurial experience before becoming part of larger organizations like Deloitte and GE where he has taken senior leadership roles in strategy consulting, operations and marketing.

Kshitij Rishi Co-founder and COO
Hitesh Goswami Co-founder and CEO
Kshitij Rishi Co-founder and COO


4baseCare is committed to improve cancer patient care and treatment outcomes based on values of hope, collaboration, innovation and research.

What s2v did?

S2V is working closely with the founders to identify different medical institutions, insurance players and other key stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem that can help 4basecare amplify the impact of their platform. Specifically, S2V is helping them in their journey to build a database of South Asian-specific genomic samples for specialized precision treatment of patients of South Asian origin.
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